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Your sandbox data is no exception!

I can't even find wipes at my local Costco since Covid, so a vaccine is years away for people like me.

That is the also the story of digital transformation and data privacy

Companies struggle with agility and cannot innovate fast to meet customer demands (or of regulators)


Because under the surface, nothing is geared for speed

For a mid-size company, it can take more than a week and numerous emails with legal just to sign an NDA with a vendor for a proof of concept

So, even the fastest technologies and platforms like Salesforce are slowed down from delivering value

Our challenges are not technology related, but are technologist induced

For example, Sandbox data masking is considered a data security and privacy requirement

What if we looked at it as a pre-requisite to drive innovation and improving productivity?

If we had no sensitive data in our Salesforce sandbox, can we onboard a new vendor for a PoC in 36 hours?

So, what other friction can Salesforce sandbox data masking remove?

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