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Can Salesforce Sales cloud do B2B ABS(Account based Sales)?

Q. Can Salesforce Sales cloud do B2B ABS(Account based Sales)?

Traditional: Lead -> Contact -> Customer

ABS: Account -> Contact -> Lead -> Customer

"Customer" here refers to Salesforce "Contact" record with some extra attributes

Two options that I have seen/heard

1. Add Account look-up on Lead

Then configure-customize to automate and streamline ABS management and reports

+ It ensures web2lead, email2lead, Marketing integration, MQL, Call center console etc. work well

- Custom stuff for dashboards and automation


∙ Works for Complex account hierarchy and visibility

∙ BDR/AE hand offs are less affected

∙ Most stuff is still based on lead conversion.

2. Dump the Lead object completely

Create Target Accounts and have Contacts with different record types. Run everything on Account/Contact

+ Account-centric rollup from a logical ABS perspective

- Can cause data quality issues - as all MQL/SQL is an Account/Contact

- All standard lead related functionality/integration is less useful


∙ Works for simple Account models & visibility

∙ More data, process and technicaldebt

∙ Brittle solution as all changes are on Account/Contact

How have you addressed it?

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