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Why I fail as a Technologist?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

45 minutes into the presentation, the CIO and I were butting heads. Everyone else was waiting for it to be over

He wanted more analysis and data, but I knew from first hand experience that it won't change our direction

Someone later remarked that we were both addressing the wrong problem.

I often find myself jumping to the "What" before fully understanding the "Why" of the problem we need to address

"What" we build has to emerge from the "Why", but technologists are taught, graded, rewarded, and respected for their "What" muscle

How many technologists would ask persuasively till they really understand the "Why"?

And does Sam from Sales, Molly from Marketing and Lenny from Legal have the time or inclination to address IT's "Why" questions

They justified to sponsors and have approvals - so "Build it already!"

Nowhere is this more prevalent than digital transformation, compliance and data privacy projects

Why? because those need multi-disciplinary collaboration, process thinking and switching between tech and business context

Architects, developers, admins - Don't make the mistake that I made

Ask. The. Why. Everytime!

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