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"Why are you not a Salesforce activist?"

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

"Why are you not a Salesforce activist?" was the unspoken question in the Quote2Cash meeting A few years ago, I met Sharon (name changed) She was a business analyst With a fierce sense of what needed to be fixed In their Quote2Cash process When everyone else was thinking incrementally She was fighting for the disruption that mattered It was inspiring And shattering At once! Why? Because the rest did not care enough Most people who bring meaningful change Aren't the ones that show up for the bagels and a job Sharon was there for a calling She was an activist A rebel Against the ordinary and mediocre Her zeal Is what is lacking in digital transformation Most self-proclaimed transformation gurus Have rarely done anything transformative They are politicians Not activists A similar wave is happening now For effective data management and data privacy Led by Sharons who care Be a salesforce activist And ask for extraordinary Or enjoy the job and the bagels Mostly the bagels

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