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What's common between your teeth and your data?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I saw my dentist today. It was painful but I prevented a bigger pain in future.

Admins, Marketers, IT Managers and other information workers often end up ignoring to brush their data

They wait till their data has plaque and tartar. They then have to deal with data cavities, and eventually data root canals

We figured out WFH with Covid, but the usual "I don't have time" variants continue when it comes to data management

We all have real-world constraints, but, we live in a data privacy world, and data minimization is required by law

Its also improves performance & reporting-insight quality, reduces breach impact & storage costs

A data policy and removing old, obsolete data doesn't have to be automated. You can even do it manually, with a set routine

With Cloud Compliance GDPR/CCPA Data Privacy Suite, we automate data retention and minimization for Salesforce

Our customers like that they can save Org storage space, stay compliant and let their data show its pretty smile

If you don't do it, risks, fines, performance loss and storage costs are imminent

What do you have to lose except old obsolete data? Do it!

Is your data smiling?

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