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What happens in CRM, stays in CRM!

The Salesforce Las Vegas - What happens in CRM, stays in CRM!

“email generates $38 for every $1 spent.."

Sadly, for those of us on the receiving end, email seems like an assault on our attention

Because mostly they are irrelevant

And they are irrelevant because they are driven by a cheap 'Spray and Pray' thinking

Maybe we should be paid $5 to receive every Marketing email

Until then, our best option is to "unsubscribe"

When you call a business and have a conversation on your needs, they probably log it into Salesforce

Yet, the Email Marketing platforms have limited access to that rich interaction


A single view of Customer's communication preferences - across segmentations can be complex and expensive

Fortunately, for Salesforce customers, it does not have to be this hard


Check out how you can do this - Link in comments - link to "A Lead fills a form...what happens next?"

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