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"What challenge do businesses face when implementing data privacy?"

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

"What challenge do businesses face when implementing data privacy?"

Asked Data Protection Officer and Author, Punit Bhatia

My observation "What do I really need to do for data privacy?"

Customers hear a lot of suggestions

From all these interested parties

Including us

And they are all along the lines of

How do your data security initiatives tie into privacy?

How does archiving tie into privacy?

All these ancillary offerings

Have added so much noise

That most customers spend a lot of time

Just figuring out what exactly do they need to do?

There are Privacy laws and regulations like GDPR and CCPA

And some level of clarity around what needs to be done

But when you think of it from an

implementation point of view

They are all open to interpretation

How does my organization sees it vs.

A #regulated industry

Or a #retail or other #B2C business sees it

Challenge for most customers is to boil it down

To the essence of what data privacy should mean

For their business and to materially implement it

To cut the noise and find out clearly what you need to do

And how we want to go about doing it

Less PowerPoint, less documents

And more real working software and processes

This post was originally published on LinkedIn

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