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We have to take Data Privacy Seriously

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

A case against Salesforce and Oracle for third-party cookie tracking and data profiling has been filed

What can you do as their customer?

Apparently, Marketing products from these two companies

Use real-time bidding to trade profiles of individual web users

And those users may not have given their

Consent in full clarity, understanding, and transparency

So, what does it mean for you and your company?

If you are a Salesforce customer

Just know that some stuff may change in future

However, this should highlight

Why long term view for data privacy law is important

Any of us can be in news like this

Regardless of size, industry, or location

Our internal processes, data management, and culture

Have to take GDPR and CCPA compliance more seriously

It cannot be relegated to legal, compliance, IT, or marketing

It has to be companywide

You can help

By covering 3 major areas in Salesforce

1. Consent and communication preferences

2. Data privacy right automation

3. Personal data management

Address them and ensure compliance

Better managed data is a competitive advantage

And allows you to grow

However, if you and your company does not do this well

You may find it constraining your growth

And your organization's

How are you addressing these?

This post was originally published on LinkedIn

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