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Is customer data privacy part of your brand experience?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

"On March 15 at 9.16 AM, I purchased pre-natal Vitamins and 4 pregnancy tests"

Q. Is customer data privacy part of your brand experience?

"Privacy. That's iPhone" says Apple's new ad in Asia

And I think customers would go for it

Most other brands and businesses however

Are still on the fence


Because the fines are small enough

Or have not happened

Or because their legal said

And they updated their privacy statement

Along with a data inventory in Excel

And a privacy@mycompany email address

With serving data rights manually

Because they get a few requests

Or it is not in our scope yet

Some have a sterile privacy portal

Or a Google form

And for consent management and preferences

They use the marketing tool's preference center

That does not integrate with anything else

And it will all work in a mediocre, unremarkable way

Because unless a brand like Apple leads the way

We don't get

That customer data privacy is part of brand experience

The question is

Now that Apple is saying it, do we believe it?

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