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Prevent your company from #GDPR and #CCPA fines and embarrassment?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Salesforce Admins, Is an unchecked box 'No' or 'No response'?

In life and data privacy, Silence is not a Consent.

But most of us act like it is

So, are you using Checkboxes correctly?

In olden days, an unchecked 'do not email' box was an open season ticket to reach out

However, just a checkbox is not good enough anymore


Because a more auditable opt-in/opt-out proof is needed for data privacy compliance

That means, a more robust data structure for Consent that includes

- Opt-in/Opt-Out/Not Responded

- From when

- Till when

And that is why you see our adorable '3-way' switch control

Are you sure your consent records will hold up?

And prevent your company from GDPR and CCPA fines and embarrassment?

salesforce admin

Note: This post was originally published and put on Linkedin:

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