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Offering a better subscriber experience through Email marketing

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

"Email marketing is too easy, let's make it hard" - A halloween story for email marketers 🎃

Sadly, it is not a story, but a real world horror for many brands

Can you offer a better subscriber experience? With emails that are more treats and less tricks?

What if you added a "manage preference" link and offered a self-serve preference center so subscribers can choose what emails they want

And can you get it in weeks, fully automated, integrated & enterprise grade, and for less $ than custom dev.

Trick? 👻

Yes, the trick is to integrate your marketo, pardot, salesforce marketing cloud, mailchimp, eloqua with Salesforce

How? With magical pixie dust 🧚 of Cloud Compliance GDPR/CCPA Data Privacy Suite

Wanna see how lead generation to email marketing can work seamlessly.

It also enables permission based omni channel marketing to do sms marketing via SMS-Magic Mogli Twilio Inc. 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It’s good email marketing, respectful customer experience, and a data privacy law compliant way

See..No tricks, just treats all around 🍭

Learn more here on manage preference

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