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Manage Pardot Consent Preferences on Salesforce via Cloud Compliance

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey Pardot professionals, a little help 👋

Omnichannel Marketing requires managing prospect's communication preferences

To do it for email vs. text, social etc, between Salesforce and Pardot

Is a pain in the neck...well everywhere 🤕

Managing them separately between Salesforce and Pardot

Leads to Consent Fragmentation

i.e. Your users can't see/respect customer preferences💔

In some regions, it can be against the law

It can be solved with an architecturally sound approach🌈

We do that with Cloud Compliance - a native Salesforce App

Do you work for or know of Salesforce customers that want to address this problem?

We are looking to work with those customers🚀

Help us by connecting us with them

Please comment here or message me on LinkedIn👊

We are a Salesforce ISV/Product only company

And love to collaborate with Pardot and Salesforce consulting partners🤝


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