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Lose 2 out of 3 prospects in your push marketing?

100+ Million! My client's push marketing database in late 2000s was a monster.

If they lost 65% prospects, they would close shop.

Their setup worked well. It got them brand awareness and top of mind space.

Push and interrupt marketing don't stand out in today's noisier world. They are a nuisance and at odds with our warming up to brands.

As a Human, I appreciate brands that make me smile more today than last year. Not the one that make me wait and feel cheap.

Covid and data privacy laws are adding more gas to that fire. And no amount of technology will reverse that course.

Here is what I have heard and observed from savvy marketers

- Higher pull focused effort with content, events and such

- Paid advertising as an on-ramp for pull effort

- Consent/opt-in, permission based and affinity building

Marketing mix and strategy are changing for forward looking companies. It is a long hard road, but worth the reward.

Yet, others still continue as if it is 2010!

I am a Technologist, so my observations may be too simple or incorrect.

Let me know in comments.

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