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Is your omni channel faking it?

Duck taping your Omni-channel with Salesforce, email app, SMS & social AppExchange apps?

Is there a better way? Let's explore it this Thursday

Money can't buy you ❤️ or an omnichannel capability (unless it is a lot of money)!

But can we work with what we have?

'Twist and shout' with Peter Ganza and me on 12th Nov, 3.30PM CST


• The omni-channel challenge

• Old CRM+email solution, new challenges

• Data privacy - GDPR, CCPA and such

• Omni-channel, consent & preferences, and privacy center

• A data management perspective - Salesforce+Mar-Tech

• Resources

• Q&A

Event sponsor: Cloud Compliance GDPR/CCPA Data Privacy Suite

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