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Is your business process fit for the new world?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A digital marketer was unhappy because I reached out to her cold on social media (and my message sucked)

So what did we do? Paid advertising. Why?

It seemed easier and 'measurable' than genuinely connecting and doing great content like Chris Walker wants us all to do

Online ad, tracking, beacon, profiling, DMP, DSP, CDP, RTB and a mouthful of Mar tech stuff belie a simple fact

That non-permission based marketing is surveillance - regardless of the story we tell ourselves.

Yet, the line is conveniently blurred for all of us -> business to run, stuff to sell, mouths to feed yadayada

We moved from print-analog to digital, yet our outreach tastes like old wine in a digital, trackable new bottle - Why?

It’s like the same aftertaste found in user experience of stodgy companies with digital transformation gurus?

How do we bring empathy, human centered design, vulnerability and authenticity in our brands and services?

And how can technology bring permission marketing at scale - with informed consent and a human centered design touch

Should we reduce 'paid ad' Soda and switch to the healthier content and connection marketing - Nah! We ❤ Soda

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