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Data privacy isn't for your business its for your???

“dog food is for dog owners. It’s for the way it makes them feel, the satisfaction of taking care of an animal that responds with loyalty and

affection.." - by Seth Godin

It is the same with Data Privacy

For years, I thought of data privacy as a necessity to keep businesses safe from fines, lawsuits and embarrassment

But it is more than that

Data privacy is for our customers - to make them feel safe, reassured and entrust our brand with their attention and patronage

Data privacy is for our employees, partners, prospects and our communities. It is to ensure that everyone's data is safe, secure and thoughtfully


Yet, data privacy continues to be looked at as a legal and compliance requirement

It is first and foremost a marketing, sales and customer success requirement

In fact, data privacy is a strategic imperative to survive as a business and as a brand!

What companies/brand come to your mind that act in such a customer-obsessed way?

Aren't they all immensely successful than their competition?

Seth Godin's Article -

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