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Considerations for tech decisions

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

"We decided to build it ourself" - Have you heard this and wondered what goes into these decisions? And what should?

A build vs. buy is a good litmus test of how strategically a company and its culture thinks

An interesting consideration for this is the secret sauce of the organization - whether that is data, processes, user experience, design or

anything else

For functions that commonly don't belong in secret sauce, and standardized - accounting, finance, legal, compliance, data privacy/security etc.,

building stuff is not a great bang for the buck

Companies that build in-house systems for these areas, don't really find technology as a competitive differentiator despite of making large tech


On the other hand, I repeatedly see smart businesses invest heavily in building in-house solutions with cloud infrastructure for competitive


Digital transformation in sales, marketing, subscription, bundling, eCommerce, automation are good example of build/buy and extensively



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