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Can your salesforce manage consent and prevent this?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

salesforce architect Does Salesforce 360 or other MDM solve your single view of customer challenges?

Lately, customers are asking

If they need to buy / build a customer master

What about Salesforce360

We may be asking the wrong question


For at least last 20 years

Every vendor has claimed to address this

Just buy our tech and its done

Unfortunately, the

Governance and Data Management processes

To go with the new MDM app

Have to be nurtured


Otherwise, you are buying a Supercar

To run on

Dirty fuel

And bad roads

data privacy regulations have increased the need

For a consolidated customer view

Across CRM, Marketing, eCommerce

To avoid fines (like the Finnish guys)

For most customers

Data consolidation in a single Salesforce Org

May be enough

Unless you have a complex

Multi-Org environment

With customer data duplication

Either ways

You want to account for

Robust data management processes and


Nurtured with a culture of discipline

We often assume that the answer to everything

Is buying more stuff

Here though, the answer may be

To invest

Across process, governance and tech


Of spending more on just software

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