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Biggest challenges in leveraging tech to drive impact

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Titanic struck an iceberg despite receiving 7 warnings that day of the imminent danger.

What iceberg warnings are CIOs missing out on?

Titanic's captain did not slow down for the dangerous icy Atlantic waters until it was too late

Is the current surge of digital transformation like the Titanic that refuses to slow down?

And per the Deloitte survey, its iceberg may be the baggage of legacy apps & poor delivery

The challenge I see repeatedly with technology leaders is the urge to build or buy a new Titanic

Addressing the legacy data, processes and old tech stuff in the enterprise attic/garage is often missed

Sometimes it can be as common sensical as slowing down your ship when it is surrounded by icebergs

Here is the 2-min version to align with business strategy

1. Analyze existing and proposed processes

2. Understand the underlying data constraints

3. Add non-negotiable context - regulatory, privacy laws etc.

4. Have a roadmap for above with a phased approach

5. Validate with prototypes before making bigger bets

What did I miss?

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