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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Salesforce Implementation

1. Interview stakeholders for their biggest pain points. Align with leaders and put those projects on the roadmap.

2. Audit repetitive processes and eliminate steps that do not add value.

3. Review your support tickets/emails for common stakeholder questions. Address those questions with in-app guidance

4. Create flows/automation for less common but complex processes - returns (RMA), project requests, vendor evaluations etc.

5. Eliminate Salesforce enhancement requests that eat bandwidth but offer little value.

6. Allocate time monthly for team training so multiple people can cover tasks.

7. Decide upfront what you will say NO to, and stick to it!

What would you add?

Credit: Darrell Alfonso, I took your LI post today and just made some minor tweaks. It is amazing how reusable good advice is across domains

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