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6 Simple steps to innovate with salesforce

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Can you innovate with Salesforce? How?

6 steps from successful customers - done with low code platform

Often, salesforce admins do these with little external help

It begins with

1. Customer Journey

Because understanding their Experience

Opens up the world of design thinking

Followed by

2. Business Process

Analysis and Synthesis

To understand what options are viable

And align with strategy

Flowchart and Wireframe it

Followed by

3. Data Modeling

Is where real world translates to software

This the most critical technical step to get right

Good data modeling takes time

Experience, iteration and what-if thinking

4. Configuration with Salesforce low code goodness

Enables rapid prototyping to test, play, present, demo

build again

And optionally move to

5. Development/Integration

Customization with

Apex, JavaScript, or anything else

And integration with

REST, SOAP, API invocation or building

Followed by

6. Deploy/Iterate

The final realization of business value

Probably we all know this

But with terms like SDLC

We forget that the plain English version

Is a simple, common sense


Did I miss anything?

Cloud-Compliance-Salesforce-CCPA-GDPR-Data-Management- Innovate with Salesforce
Download PDF • 67KB

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