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5 steps to identify and fix broken stuff

How do you identify and fix stuff that is broken? You Titrate!

Whether you are Technical, non-technical, and in any field, doesn't all troubleshooting boils down to these 5 steps

I regularly speak with a number of Salesforce customers, marketers, admins, developers, data privacy pros and others

Understanding their challenges and helping them troubleshoot is the part that I enjoy the most.

And often, it boils down to titration

Titration is a method that uses a noticeable change due to chemical reaction.

We can use this approach to Titrate (detect/measure) our (and our business's) problems

e.g. When are our shopping carts abandoned, quotes rejected, code fails, privacy breached etc.

Here's how

1. Check

Inspect the basics, ensure everything is set up correctly

2. Titrate / Lay Traps

Measure, diagnose, debug, log etc.

3. Inspect

Apply logic, data analysis, read logs to determine what the issue could be based on the titration readings

4. Change

Make few/small changes with the intention to diagnose further, not to solve

5. Re-try

Run it again with the smallest size/impact and preferably in a controlled environment


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