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3 must do's for consent & communication opt-ins

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

UK's ICO spokesperson "Some members of the public have made us aware of an email sent by Klarna and we will be making enquiries."

Digital Marketing has the power to do miracles or cause disasters - but why do such disasters happen?

Mostly because typical martech stack is 1 or more Email/outbound messaging platform and Salesforce

And subscriber consent management / opt-ins are usually in an email app as unsubscribes

CRM has no/limited visibility to opt-in/opt-out, and any omni channel marketing suffers from consent fragmentation

How can you solve this?

1. Centralize opt-ins in Salesforce

2. Integrate and automate campaign memberships

3. Manage an audit-ready trail of consent changes

Great...just a few million dollars and 2 years, Right?

Not really!

Your Salesforce Org already has consent and communication preference that can be used with an enterprise-grade approach

Its a quick and low cost way as all major systems are already in your company

And you can get this up and running in a few weeks

How? Link below for Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua and Mailchimp

How to managing consent with Salesforce

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