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What is your A-10 solution?

What is your A-10 solution?

In 1977, USAF got its first A-10s aka 'Warthog', and it is still in service - Because. It. Works.

If you solve problems for your business (like me), then let the Warthog inspire you with some ideas

Protect the core

A-10 Titanium bathtub/redundant systems keeps pilots safe

- How does my solution safeguard against malicious or accidental mistakes?

Build on strengths

Designed around its powerful cannon, A-10 decimates its target

- Do I leverage the core competence of my materials/platform to the fullest?

Not all things to all people

Close Air Support - The one thing A-10s does, and does it well

- Is my architecture true to its purpose and balancing demands?

Usable in real-world

A-10 is easy to maintain, & takes-off/lands on small air strips

- Is my solution easy to learn, use and live with, or is it too difficult to adopt?

What else would you add to this list?

I am grateful to the valiant US military for keeping all of us safe at home, and of-course to the Warthog!

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