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Data Management in Salesforce

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

"Hey Salesforce admin, if data was physical, would your Salesforce look cluttered?"

Of course not ;-)

In most enterprises

Data grows

Mostly like weed

With little planning, thought, architecture or governance

Driven by culture, preferences, pet projects etc.

As a business

We don't hold data close to our chest

And ask ourselves

If it will give us joy

In business value

user experience, customer trust & digital transformation

Here is data management with Marie Kondo's "Konmari" method

1. Commit yourself to tidying it up

With small steps that you influence

Migrate a text field or unbounded picklist

To a bounded picklist

Solving it for the enterprise

Rarely happens correctly and in time

2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle

What benefits can you can sell to your business?

Better reporting

data security and data privacy

Can come with data consolidation

3. Finish discarding first

Find a pesky data problem

To address for your business

Maybe manual data update

Or data minimization and data retention

That you can automate via flow

Or with tools like Cloud Compliance

Old, obsolete data costs data storage

Increases breach impact

And can violate GDPR, CCPA, LGPD guidelines

Thoughts on salesforce Data Konmari?

To be contd.

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