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A link for  “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” is required to be conspicuously located on the organization's website homepage. Automation to support requests as well as timelines are mandated as well. 
  • Within 10 business days upon receiving a consumers removal request, organizations are required to notify the requestor. This must also include details on personal verification steps as well as communicating timelines. 
  • In most cases, requests must be completed within 15 business days 
Data privacy requirements focus on an individual's rights to their personal information stored by any business that falls within the scope of regulations.  Since personal information can span multiple objects (Contacts, Leads, Accounts..) it is important to start with processes that support identifying everywhere data can reside. That provides the foundation for automating requests from individuals who request their information not be sold. 
Personal Inventory Solutions
Manual: Locate all customer data using flows or APEX.​
Automated: Data Tagging & Inventory
Opt Out Solutions
Manual: Report export or use APEX to create the appropriate report.
Automated: Data Portability
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